2930 August, 2007
Implementation of the study tour in two cement plants and one sewage sludge treatment plant

The study tour was held in the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands on the 29th and 30th of August 2007, where two cement plants (Lixhe and Enci) experienced in alternative fuels and raw materials and a sewage sludge treatment plant (Susteren) were visited.

The EC officer, responsible for the project, the Technical Director of CEMBUREAU, the Deputy Editor of the International Cement Review magazine, the Head of Laboratories and Test Center of KHD Humboldt Wedag GmbH, representatives of the ALF-CEMIND consortium, representatives of the national cement industries, associations and ministries of the participating countries in the project and a representative of SenterNovem Agency, participated.

In general, the study tour was considered very interesting and quite informative from the participants since the experts from the plants willingly shared with us their valuable experience and know-how on alternative fuels and raw materials.





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Konstantinos Georgakopoulos, Energy Dept., Exergia S.A.

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Victor Van Heekeren, General Manager, Van Heekeren & Frima

Use of alternative fuels and materials in the European Cement Industry

Claude Lorea, Technical Director, CEMBUREAU

Alternative fuels at ENCI Maastricht

Theo Goossens, Plant Manager, ENCI

Alternative fuels at LIXHE

B. Gastout, Plant Manager, LIXHE


Photos of the study tour




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20 December, 2007
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2930 August, 2007
Study tour in two cement plants and one sewage treatment plant

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