Applied technology and innovative solutions for the use of alternative fuels


The standard PYROCLON LowNOx calciner is recommended especially for primary fuels like lignite, coal, oil, gas and alternative fuels like liquids and animal meal.

The advantage of the extended version of PYROCLON LowNOx calciner is more retention time which is necessary for fuels like:

  • Fine anthracite and petcoke (< 5% R90μm)

  • Fluff RDF /sewage sludge / shredded tyres


The ignition module is part of the PYROCLON. The fuel ignites in pure air at higher temperature. This is sufficient solution for fuels like:

  • Coarse anthracite and petcoke (5-8% R90μm)


PYROCLON LowNOx calciner with integrated combustion chamber (ignition in pure air at high temperature) is used for:

  • Very coarse anthracite and petcoke (>8% R90μm) and

  • Lumpy fuels


The Multi-Channel PYROJET®-Burner has the following characteristics:

  • Decreased fuel consumption as a result of a low primary air rate

  • Low NOx generation because of early ignition of the fuel at the burner outlet, made possible by axial jet air nozzles and centrally located swirl air nozzle.

  • Increased variability in quantity and diversity of secondary fuels

  • Improved process stability because of an adjustable flame for varying fuel scenarios and process conditions.




“Solutions for the use of various alternative fuels”, KHD Humboldt Wedag, W. Meyer
“Using pet coke and other alternative fuels: Process requirements and other technical solutions”, KHD Humboldt Wedag, M. Brachthaeuser, N. Streit


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